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Eclat Energies is an energy company researching, operating, and marketing oil, gas, electricity, cement, and mining products in West and Central Africa. Very talented and experienced men and women, we are proud of our company as well as our strategic partners to provide clean, reliable, and affordable energy to our customers and more generally to a large segment of our population.
Our ambition has made us ready with digitalization solutions and electro mobile payments to accommodate electric vehicles in our spaces with secure services or even possible services from the residences or homes of our customers.


Eclat Energies, Here and Everywhere on Earth!

We are in the trading and marketing of our products relative to the traditional market segments that we are gradually developing:

1. The refined products distribution network:

a. Super Essence
b. Ordinary Gasoline
c. Diesel
d. Dual Purpose Kerosene, DPK
e. Lubricants: Oils and Greases,
f. Butane gas LPG

2. Consumer and Industrial Customers:

a. Super Essence
b. Ordinary Gasoline
c. Diesel
d. Fuel Oil 180
e. Fuel Oil 380
f. Butane gas LPG
g. Natural gas
h. Bitumen
i. Alphate

3. Aviation:

a. AvJet A1
b. AvGaz

4. Marine:

a. Low Sulfer Fuel Oils
b. Liquefied Natural Gas, LNG
c. High Sulfur Fuel Oils
d. Distillate Marine Fuels
e. Price Management

5. Research and Exploitation

a. Crude Oil
b. Base Oils,
c. Derivatives

6. Specialty Lubricants Partnered with Best Global Oil Companies

a. REEXOM partnership
b. ExxonMobil partnership via Reexom,
c. Chevron Texaco Caltex Partnership Reexom,

i. Engine Oils
ii. Fuel Additives
iii. Coolants
iv. Greases
v. Hydraulic Oils
vi. Industrial Oils
vii. Transmission/Gear Oils

7. Derivatives and Agrochemicals

a. Fertilizers for agricultural development
b. Other agrochemicals

  1. Public-private partnership for electricity distribution
  2. Operating concession for thermal electric power station,
  3. Solar Energy,
  4. Representation in the design, production, supply of materials, and distribution of electricity and energy
  5. Networks of Distributors and Recharging of electrical energy to compatible fleets
  6. Batteries
  1. Cements for conventional construction work
  2. Cements for structural works (Bridges, Dams, Multi-storey buildings
  3. Cements for high-strength structural works
  4. Materials from the cement industry
  1. Iron
  2. Steel
  3. Zinc
  4. Aluminum
  5. Lead, Magnesium, Brass, …
  1. Eclat Energies card
  2. Eclat Energies loyalty card
  3. Hydrocarbons
  4. Electrical energies
  5. Solar Energies
  6. And other of our products

Our Lubricants distribution family brand

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